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The windsurfable stand up paddleboard, aka, the SUP: 

The Grand Unified Theory of Everything


  Wind, waves, or flatwater.       Sail, paddle, or surf.       Beginner, intermediate or expert.

  One board.

It's not just theory -- it's reality. The re-birth several years ago of this royal Hawaiian sport has revolutionized surfing -- and windsurfing -- worldwide. Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the world's fastest growing watersport. And for experienced windsurfers, adding a SUP to your quiver -- or if you're a beginner, choosing one as your first board -- makes perfect sense! The windsurfing brands of SUP's all have mast tracks for your sails and perform wonderfully as windsurfers in sub-planing and higher-wind planing conditions. 'Specially if you live inland, or have a busy time-constrained lifestyle, or have family members to share a board with -- it's really a no-brainer. You can get "out there" no matter what! This may be the easiest money you could ever spend in water sports: you will always have use for this board! After the beginner learning curve is over, the SUP keeps on giving.    

For the big picture of Stand Up Paddle Boarding go to

The paddle mode of SUP can be learned in 5 minutes and be enjoyed on any lake, river or ocean. It is great, fun cross-training -- if you want it to be. It's an easy escape -- if you want it to be.  The advantage of SUP board over a basic surf board is the added width allowing you to stand up and use a paddle, thus get more power and speed. When you take off on the wave, you are already standing up!! You're surfing before you know it! The paddle further acts like a balancing pole, making it easier to turn and keep your balance. On my Outer Banks trips, I've had first-timers catch and ride their very first wave ever attempted. For inland flatwater  -- lake, river, canal, you name it -- it's like walking on water. Nothing to it, yet amazingly rewarding.

See local people you might know, in places you've probably been, showing EVERYTHING an SUP can do:

 Whitecap offers lessons in SUP, too!

OK...let's look at some stand up paddleboards. (Prices are manufacturer's suggested list but in some cases I can discount off of that -- call or email for a quote.)

         SUP's with mast track for windsurf sails:

       Fanatic FLY 11'6" ALL-AROUND <> Exocet WindSUP (below)

: and, of course, PADDLES!

Epic Gear Adjustable ALUMINUM, CARBON <> Werner  FUSE 100% carbon <> Whiskeyjack FUEGO




Exocet WINDSUP models -- 10" or 11'8" in bamboo or AST

                       Retractable daggerboard construction.

175 or 220 liters.  Surf, windsurf, paddle anywhere, ANYtime-- you will always be on the water!

The ideal board on which to learn windsurf or SUP. The step tail (an Exocet trademark) is integrated into the swallow tail. This feature allows the board to take off and turn perfectly in SUP mode while still giving you the choice of windsurfing mode. The dagger option will give plenty of options in any wind conditions.


Teeny, tiny sloppy waves we have on our southern coasts to head high and bigger. Never a no-wind "skunk" on a trip to the coast again! THAT'S the revolution!     The latest one, anyway.


Now, if you would, Please test your knowledge by taking our test....

Question #1: 

Pick a condition:      Pick a mode:      Pick a  level:            Pick an attitude:          Pick a rider:

___ waves              ___  sail           ___  beginner          ___  chill                    ___ dogs

___  flatwater        ___  paddle       ___  expert             ___  escape                ___ chicks

___ wind                ___ surf             ___  intermediate   ___  push the limits    ___ kids

Question #2:

Pick a board that works for all of the above: 

___ the Stand Up Paddleboard

(Thank you for taking our test. You passed... far as we know.)

Chuck Hardin
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