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No-wind alternative: the Hard Core Softboard

Like the philosophy in the Bare Naked Ladies song, "She's My Alternative Girlfriend", there's nothing like an acceptable, fun alternative to keep your mind off what you're missing, right? So why load up for a windsurfing trip to the coast and not be prepared if the wind doesn't show. You gots to have an alternative.

Have you noticed that the OCEAN is at the coast? Why not go surfin'! Yeah, you. Why not? What...too old?... Don't fit the scene? Spare me. You learned to windsurf, didn't you? Wave surfing is easier, actually, that is, if you got the right board. C'mon...wave surfing is our forefather, the Sport of Kings, originally a religious rite. (See, you can go surfing and say you went to church.)

Anyway, I got the ticket in the MacSki Hard Core Softboard. lt was the answer for me. I struggled like crazy the past year on a "real" glass surfboard or slick, worn rental foam boards. Got hurt more than once, too. Got a Hard Core Softboard -- end of story. Mine's 8' long. It's wide, no waxing, pliable safety fins, rubberized deck all over -- no dings! Strong, too.

See at All 3 of my daughters, in one afternoon off the Georgia coast, were up and riding waves: STOKE! Easy, carefree, safe, durable, highest quality, and CHEAP! I'm selling 'em for fun, just to windsurfers, at a hair over my cost. In the mid to upper $200's. No freight, but no quick delivery either. (In surf stores in the $400's) I pick 'em up on Charleston trips direct from the N. American importer and deliver when I get near you. (I will ship, if you insist, at going rates.) Call me if interested.

Chuck Hardin
(706) 860-0639

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