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You want rain AND wind? Come on, some people are never happy. In this case, one out of two ain't bad --I was sooooo glad to get the rain. The summer solstice is supposed to turn off the wind spigot anyway till September, at least as far as the wind snobs are concerned. On the other hand, we've actually had more than our fair share of 5 to 15 mph days in 90 degree plus heat -- perfect conditions for beginners.

Come On -- Rent Some Gear!!!

And to eliminate the "But I don't have any gear" excuse, Whitecap is RENTING. From beginner boards and rigs to higher performance centerboard-equipped boards to a 137 liter slalom board for those stoked advanced beginners--intermediates out there wondering if its time to go to the next level. Heck, I even have one of those inflatable Windgliders for the kids, a great, fun, safe learning platform. (And I even give "windchecks" if there's no breeze!)

Speaking of NEW BOARDHEADS, let's welcome to the tribe Jill O'grady of Augusta; Caroline Buckley and Julie Rossi of Charleston; Cassandra Dean, Bill Deal, and Tony Hawkins of Aiken; and Tonya Jordan of N. Augusta.

Fall Hatteras Trip

There has been tons of interest, so better commit soon. Dates will be October 21st to 28th. (This also happens to be the week of the Hatteras Island Windsurfing Championships.) Isn't that a bizarre time for a vacation? That's one reason why an Outer Banks trip is so DIFFERENT. No crowds, remoteness, dodging hurricanes -- it's another world, but a windy, shallow one (at least on one side). Response may dictate the house(s) but we'll go for prime soundside in Avon or Frisco. These trips are great for all levels, beginner to expert. (Lessons for newbies can be had there from Whitecap while there). Practice in miles of knee-to-chest deep water. Let me know now if you're seriously interested.

Windtalker Update

Thurmond and Murray, too! You guys think I'm making this whole thing up, don't you? But this is not a fig newton of my imagination. IT WILL HAPPEN. In fact, the SECOND windtalker in this National Weather Service program is tentatively approved at LAKE MURRAY (near Columbia, SC). The Coast Guard Auxillary and U.S. Power Squadron are the co-sponsors. They are investigating an installation site nearer the dam but the fall-back position is their 25' communication tower at the end of Johnson Marina Rd. between Ballentine and Chapin. The planned reconstruction work at the dam is presenting many difficulties at this time, but whatever the final location, it's got to help. At Lake Thurmond (Clark Hill to the natives), the 1000' run of telephone cable from the sensor's computer to the telephone switching room turned out to be as easy as we anticipated -- if you could fly like a hummingbird and simultaneously spit shielded, two-pair telephone cable out of your rear like a spider. So, we're getting a $1500 wireless modem. Relax, the Columbia County EMS already got the county commissioners to add half its cost to their budget and the Columbia, SC NWS/NOAA Weather Radio office is paying the other half. Yes, this is your tax $$ at work. Sure beats the heck out of the other crap they spend it on. Whitecap has paid the $67 telephone service application/hookup fee and will be paying the monthly service costs of $30.23 which is $362.76. Donations will be accepted to defray this cost; it ain't in the Whitecap budget. Remember, initially this system is only internet accessible, but it will be virtually real time and should be very accurate.

Local Swap Meet and Party Put it on your calendar: evening of August 26th. At the home of Whitecap, my house, in Evans, GA just off Interstate 20 - easy to get to from anywhere. Lot's of food, fun, fellowship. That's all you need to know now 'cause that's all I know now. Details to follow in August's newsletter.

Stuff You Need -- Yes you really need this stuff!!

Wetsuits and Drysuits -- Think about it That's what's on my mind when it's 105 heat index outside. But, THE SEASON is coming -- Fall cold fronts are the best. Shorties, wetsuits, semi-dry, or dry -- think about what you need. NOW is the time to see if you really can get one more season out of that piece of crap suit. IF you need to get a new one, it's a good time to shop for CLOSEOUTS. Call me and I'll get to work on it.

Training Videos This is the Tip Of The Month for all levels. Four words: Get an instructional video. Accurate, simple, VISUALIZATION is the proven key to fast improvement. For about $25 (available from Whitecap), its a no-brainer -- not only will your on-the-water ability be greatly enhanced, but you will learn stuff about wind, your equipment, and the sport in general that most people take years to pick up. Here are my opinions of the best (for what that's worth):

Windsurfing 101 -- beginner, entry level by Naish Hawaii. Covers everything -- safety, gear, wind knowledge. stance, balance, up-hauling, steering, tacking, pivot jibing, and beach starting. Recommends a front-hand-on-the-mast method for your first day of sailing that differs from what I teach, but it works. I used info from this video to tweak my instruction for my 13 and 11 year old daughters with wonderful success. 60 minutes.

(In stock) Steppin' Up -- intermediate to advanced intermediate lesson by the Pritchard Brothers. I love this video! It's so unique. You'll laugh most of the first viewing at the entirely goofy, surf dude repartee between Kevin and Matt Pritchard. By the second viewing, these guys seem like your best buddies on the beach -- once you realize how fantastic the instruction is on this tape. It only covers 5 fun and functional transitions beyond the regular jibe: quick tack, one-handed jibe, duck jibe, helicopter tack, carving 360. 60 minutes.

(In stock) Jibing with Alan Cadiz -- for seekers of the elusive jibe. This video has created a huge buzz in the windsurfing world. I haven't seen it yet, but it must be awesome; everywhere I turn it's being talked about. Word is, the big difference is the "helmet cam" shots are perfectly executed such that the viewer sees through the windsurfer eyes as the moves are executed. A comprehensive study of jibing from the non-planning pivot to carving and beyond by a highly respected master instructor. More basic than Steppin' Up but also covers the duck and jump jibe and the Vulcan, whatever that is. 45 minutes.

New FOAM Helmet -- It "works" and looks cool! Why don't we wear helmets on those nuking, scary days? Because they fit poorly, are too heavy, obstruct hearing and vision, and rattle around your head and face distractingly. And then there's the real reason: they look too dorky. (No, Dr. Gossage, this does not mean you.) Well, excuse-breath, North Shore, Inc. has introduced the all foam windsurfers helmet. Incredibly light, formfitting, non-absorbant dual-density foam with a removable neoprene liner (for colder days). Jim Gross, definitely a talented, cool dude, was the first to order one and is wearing it kite surfing around Sullivans Island -- says it's a vast improvement. No face guard, but has an optional visor. Whitecap stocks them -- $39 w/o liner, $42 with liner.

Area Happenings: "Learn to Sail" Clinic @ Lanier Atlanta Bordsailing Club's clinic, part 2. Saturday July 22 at Vann's Tavern Park on Lake Lanier 5 miles form downtown Gainsville, GA. Call Dave Delmonte (404-869-4396) to let then know you're coming. Cost is $30. Worth the drive for the beginner to just-beyond-beginner instruction and great fellowship. More info and directions at the ABC website: Gear for Sail

That's all till next month ... or when I get around to it.

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