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"What windsurfing has is by far a bigger and more powerful experience. Once you hold the wind in your hand and get a taste of being in the "flow" there is nothing that will equal this magical sensation." -- John Chao, in American Windsurfer

Wind snob report...

Hurricane's a-coming! WE got our first taste Monday, 18th, at Clark Hill (Thurmond). Usually, we feel guilty to be playing in conditions caused by an event that elsewhere is destroying people's property and worse. But this was a gentle one. (May they all be like this!) Yeah, it rained -- hard, too. We didn't give a hoot. Four of us who could avoid work just squinted the windward eye and ripped like gangbusters. 15 to 25 NE. Wow, what a long time it had been since we could bump and jump and go scary-fast on our home water! Wore ouselves slap out. Ed Gould and Pate Bryan's reports of wind at Murray for several days two weeks ago and Danny Johnson at Lanier last Friday the 8th (25 - 30mph!) was getting us a little bent here in Augusta. But, now we're all better -- and waiting for the next one.

Soul Windsurfers report... The water temp is still around 80 degrees. It's still humid and warm -- enough. The boat traffic is off the water even on weekends. It's quiet. The water is at its clearest. Air almost always moves in the Fall. It's a beautiful time at the lake. Windsurfing gives you access to a unique perspective on the wonders of God's incredible creation -- and, dog-gone-it, you can get all this right here practically in your backyard. So join Roswitha, Leslie, Debra and the others who "get it". You know, you only got so many days on this planet....


I was three days in Orlando early this month with 1800 vendors and buyers from the windsurfing, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboard and waterski industries. I got access to some awesome pre-season deals on 2001 gear. I also observed the following:

1) As a group, windsurfers are tatoo deficient. Skateboarders do not believe in higher education -- or any education, for that matter.

2) Committed non-conformists all look alike.

3) It takes a long time to get tired of looking at extremely fit young women in extremely small bikinis.

4) The wind blows like an aeronautics windtesting tunnel everywhere except where I live.

5) All parts of the human body can now be pierced.

6) Surfers think they are sexier than the rest of us...and they're right.

7) All the money to be made in board-sport retailing is in what doesn't matter to those who can actually perform in those sports -- clothes.

8) Windsurfing boards will soon be wider than they are long so that the "surfing" aspect is completetly eliminated and we'll call it "wind platforming".

9) Isn't the hot new invention, foot lubricant for wakeboard bindings, really a warning?

10) Everyone here really, really likes their job.


IF I hadn't had 3 requests in last 2 weeks, I would call it a season, but I hope to have at least one more day for lessons on the Sept. 30th weekend and/or Oct 8th. Water is still quite warm. Sunny fall days are beautiful. Call or e-mail me to set it up. (860-0639)


Focused on-the-water instruction reviewing basics or picking up where you left off. This Sunday, 24th, at 1:30pm at Scotts Ferry, Clark Hill Lake. Reservation required. Equipment provided. Minimal fee.


Sponsored by Atlanta Boardsailing Club at Lake Lanier, Flowery Branch, GA. Oct 13 - 15. Definitely a premier race event - open to all ages. See or call Chris Voith at 404-255-6469


Installation date tentatively set for Sept. 29th!!! We're running off-site test of the whole thing this week. Stay tuned for a "System is Activated" announcement. That's when a little $ contribution will be appropriate for all you Thurmond sailors to pay for the monthly phone service.


The Coast Guard Auxillary and Power Squadron are still pursuing a National Weather Service wind system, but SCE&G, who controls that lake, is unresponsive about a site at the dam or on the stacks. So, it's back to Flotilla Island at the end of Johnson Marina Rd. Not a great location for us windsurers. I'll keep you posted when it begins to actually happen.


Brad Benjamin of the Charleston Boardsailing Group sent out this e-mail recently: "After sailing the harbor today I couldn't get my mast to come apart. I tried using two boooms to get leverage and twist them apart, but the booms kept slipping. I also tried hot water to see if the top piece would expand. Didn't work either. Any ideas?" Yes, there were some ideas. Each claimed success at least once from the given method, but it ain't my fault if you bust something. 1. Put mast in a swimming pool and let soak for several hours, then it twisted free easily. (Bart Liebman) 2. Support the two ends of mast on padded surfaces and slowly push downin the center about the amount the mast usualy bends, then roll the mast 15 degrees and repeat, and so on till you go around a few times. You should hear some crunching sounds and eventually sparate. (Don M.) 3. Get WD40 and a rubber mallet. Soak the joint with the WD40. Then, with the mallet give the mast a good whack down on top of the mast tip like you're trying to drive the top half thru the bottom. The joint should open about 1/8". Put in more WD40, then whack it again. The gap closes on every other whack, but will become wider and wider, slowly breaking up the grit. You may want to cover the mast tip with something to prevent possiible damage. (Willis Keefe) 4. At last Hatteras trip we got seven people, can of WD40, and something metallic to tap the mast joint with. Three people twist one half one way and 3 the other, while the 7th person sprays and taps the joint. The vibrations theoretically allow the WD40 to seep in. It worked.


Oct 21 - 28. Oops, it's filled up. Sorry you missed it. We'll do it again in the spring. Next time, don't procrastinate -- unless you have some other life in which you're going to do all those "some day" things.


Excelent quality WIndsurfing Hawaii alum booms. all sizes -- $118 Still have Hawaii Pro-line close out "wave" length, smalller grip 1 1/8" booms -- $109 Harnesses -- DaKIne Surf Seat, excelent basic seat harness -- $55 Windsurfing Hawaii "SS" waist harness; primo, tough, comfortable -- $99 Lines-- Dakine Reactive or Windsurfing Hawaii adjustable -- $33 Mast base/extension/U-joint parts -- Streamlined --in stock, best stuff and nobody beats my price , too much to list. Call me, call me now. Training videos -- in stock, from beginning to first time straps, harness, water starting. Windsurfing 101, Turn for the better -- Part 1, Steppin' Up


I know you don't want to read a commercial, but right now is the season to buy! Different items from different brands, but sails, boards, masts, booms, semi-dry and dry suits in many sizes are out there. The national catalog houses have put out fliers with close-outs way over my #'s. No illusions here -- call for a real deal. >>>Whitecap has two Neil Pryde top-quality SEMI-DRY SUITS IN STOCK at a superb bargain price. Man's new 52/L (170-190 lbs., 5'9" - 5'11", waist 33 - 36, chest 42 - 44) "Cup" series 4/3 vert. zipper, $188 (MSRP $260). Woman's top-rated "Jenna" series, Size med. (120-140 lbs, 5'5" - 5'7", chest 38 - 40, waist 28 - 30), zipperless entry, 5/3, worn once, $198 (MSRP $300). This is ridiculous -- somebody ought to buy these.

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