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It's been HOT and WINDY at the same time in May. Then we had a cold front in June! (Yes, onthe 6th.) I don't know what this means -- global cooling...El Nino...La Nina...Living la VIda Loca...who know's; but, quite a few have been out enjoying a breezy late spring/early summer season. Don't miss it before the doldrums set in. The stoke is as high as I can remember around the neighborhood lakes. (And from Station 29 at Sullivan's Island -- fuhgidabodit, it's been HUGE.) Reports from Murray, Monticello, Allatoona, and of course Clark Hill (OK, Thurmond) echo what Steve Douglas, an experienced sailor, said Sunday, May 28th at Thurmond as the steady 20mph wind just kept on coming under a beautiful sky and 90 plus degrees, "It just doesn't get any better than this. This may be the most enjoyable lake session I've ever had!" Pate Bryan from Columbia, a newbie this April who has progressed faster than ANYBODY I ever heard of, calls in reports from Murray that just consist of screams and heavy breathing. That's windsurfing for you -- sometimes better than that other thing. Join us!

New Boardheads...

Welcome to these folks who have tucked that first lesson under their windwings in the last 5 weeks: Mike Reis of McCormick; Leslie Saxton of N. Augusta; Joe Healy and Tim McIrath who are MCG students; Mark Petty, Kathy Webb, and Jim Huffstetler of Augusta/Martinez; HaL Leiner, Amy Selvig, and Craig Campbell of the Atlanta area who did their lesson on our Spring Outer Banks trip. (Bill Hinz and Jurgen Brauer got a refresher.) Many of the best future lesson dates are booked, so call soon to get in the lineup!

Windtalker at Thurmond...Almost There!

Oh, ye of little faith, you doubted it would happen -- don't deny it. But, now we got the license; we got the hardware; the software is programmed. All that's left to do is INSTALL the %#*&@*# thing! That's supposed to begin next week. Roger Davis, in behalf of the Augusta Sailing Club, is donating 1000' of special telephone cable. We (that is, I hope "we" is appropriate) have to pay for initial hook-up and monthly phone service to the tune of $430 the first year. I'll be seeking voluntary donations soon. I'll let you know when I'm ready to pass the hat. Remember, this system will only be internet-accessable initially. Voice can be added later if it's well supported. So, support it.

Matthew Modica has stuff at Sully

If it's really blowing nice and steady and you're windsurfing at Sullivan's Island popular Station 29, or elsewhere in the Charleston area, and you bust a vital piece of gear, what you gonna do? Sit on the beach and cuss and cry? No, don't do that when there's still hope. Just call Matthew at 843-881-9813 and he may save the day. I mean, he's got a regular job as a prosecuting attorney and all that, so he may not be at your beck and call, but he's got accessory stock located at Station 28 and others have access to it. Call him or me (even if I am in Augusta) and one of us may be able to help you get going. Don't wait for an emergency though -- regular purchases from this stuff will justify it's maintenance and growth. He's maintaining a stock of important accessories, especailly booms, u-joints, mast bases, even screws and pins -- everything but boards and sails. (But he sells those, too.)

Rent my gear (when I'm not giving lessons)

Why not? It's cheap. Just trying to get more folks out there. You must have had a lesson or some past experience, and I'm covering my little hiney on damage, but renting is a great way to get your feet wet again in this sport without making a commitment. Call me and I'll set you up. (Yeah, you got to come here to get it, but I do a mean tie-down job.) THIS INCLUDES THE INFLATABLE WINDGLIDER for kids of all ages.

Kitesurfing at the Lake...Nah.

I promised kitesurfing this summer, but I lied. So sue me. Just not fired up about it anymore. I watched a bunch of intermediate level kitesurfers doing it at Hatteras one beautiful afternoon this May. These guys had paid a lot to move up the long, steep learning curve and what they were doing looked, well, in a word, boring. It seems to me that if you're not doing the radical, big air stuff at the expert level, then there's just no variety to it. Total concentration and focus on your lines and kite itself is required AT ALL TIMES. That's not why I want to be out there. I can't see how it will work at the lake, anyway. I've got lots of goals in windsurfing I'll never reach. It's enough for this dude. (That's my final answer -- till next month.)

Area Happening

Reggae Regatta at Lake Lanier, June 25th. Lots of fun wether you race or not. Good time to hang with another group of stoked wind addicts. See Atlanta Baordsailing Club website or call Chris Voith at (404) 250-0287.

Three things you wish you didn't know...

>> In 1995, hydrilla (a noxious aquatic plant) covered 50 acres of Clark Hill Lake: in fall of 1997, it was 500 acres; now it's growing too fast to estimate current total coverage. It's expected that 30% of the lake will be covered eventually.

>> Gwinnett County has applied to dump 40 MILLION gallons of treated sewage into Lake Lanier EVERYDAY. This could set a precedent for other lakes in Georgia. Eventually, the county wants to put 300 MILLION gallons in the lake. (Hey, it is treated; that should be OK, right?) *

>> Georgia, Alabama, and Florida are wrangling in a tri-state effort to apportion water. Proposals from our neighboring states to the south and west would significantly affect our lakes' levels, possibly destroying most recreation on some lakes in times of drought.* ( * from Atlanta Boardsailing Club's Lake Wind Advisory newsletter, April 2000) AND two things you're glad you do know...

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