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Welcome to YOUR local twenty-four /seven / three sixty-five

e-Swap Meet.

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This is the cyberspace place where fellow windsurfers from your area come together to shop and swap for used gear among neighbors. The theory is this: People will treat you right when they know where you live.

CONNECT DIRECTLY WITH THE SELLER, usually a friend -- or, at least, a friend of a friend -- from the Georgia - SouthCarolina area. Whitecap is not involved except to bring the traders together, maintain the category lists**, and perhaps to list my own demo and used stuff. (But, if I'm going to help you sell your used gear, please remember me for ALL your new gear needs.)

The seller's e-mail address is hyperlinked for your convenience next to each item.

Guidelines for listing your used gear in the e-Swap Meet:

>> Send to me via e-mail,, (or phone, 706-860-0639) the info on your gear. I will enter and maintain your listing in the appropriate category. YOU MUST NOTIFY ME WHEN THE ITEM(S) SELL SO I CAN REMOVE THEM FROM THE LIST.

>> Please supply all relevant info on each piece, including make, model, year of manufacture, lengths, volumes, sq. meter sizes, materials, your honest appraisal of the item's condition**, etc. INCLUDE A PRICE AND/OR "BEST OFFER" (indicated by abbreviation "OBO").

>> The latest listings sent to me and newer equipment will be placed near the top of the category charts. IF after 6 to 8 months your item does not sell, it MAY be removed. This is for the good of all: if shoppers don't see new stuff on the lists, they won't visit the site.

**While every attempt for accuray is made, Whitecap WIndsurfing, Inc assumes absolutely no responsibility for misrepresentations, errors, outright lies, fantasies, half truths, or forgetfullness by the individual equipment sellers. Whitecap also assumes no liability for anything bad that may happen to you while using equipment procurred through the e-Swap Meet pages -- so don't even try to sue me. Blaming other people for your mistakes stunts emotional growth and, anyway, I don't have enough assets to make it worth your while.

Chuck Hardin
(706) 860-0639

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