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(Warning: This page contains philosophy; therefore, reflection and contemplation of one's place in relation to Universal Oneness may be required. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.)

Windsurfing is an invitation to intimacy with elemental powers you can not access in any other way. It's more than just a ride using the wind's power to skim over the water -- it's a relationship with the Source, the sacred Vis-anima*, the "soul-moving" force of the universe. You might think that's a heck of a tall order for what is supposed to be either a fun, light-hearted, recreational acitivity or an adrenaline-filled X-game type thing, but, this sport delivers. You see, on a windsurfing board, there is so little between you and this Power that its closeness -- its intimacy -- can alter your perceptions of the natural world. I'm serious. Think about it...

This sport is not fed by the constant tug of gravity you feel every moment of your life.
It doesn't use an intrusive, artificial internal combustion engine one can turn one and off at will.
This is not a game with balls, boundaries, and rules to define the limits of your experience.

Like its noble precursor, wave surfing, this sport is a "different order" experience. Venture into windsurfing and you will discover a sport that brings freedom and elevates the soul with every ride because YOU make it unique each time . This experience can vary greatly over a wide range from peaceful and sublime to extreme and radical. Feel the sublte texture of wind and water on a light-air, low wind day. Humble yourself as you scream across the whitecaps participating in the relentless power of a nor'easter. Commune with the sea as you soar in, through, and above the ocean's surf. There is simply no other sport as dynamic as windsurfing!

*Vis-anima -- Johannes Kepler of Wurttemburg, Germany, in 1594 used the Latin terms vis (force) and anima (soul) to describe the mystical power that caused the planets to move in their orbits and, by extension, all movement of weather and oceans on Earth. Kepler, a deeply spiritual soul, sought to describe the metaphysical harmony of the universe, that all creation moves with a delightful purpose. Sometimes -- especailly when windsurfing -- I feel he did a better job than all modern astrophysicists and theologians combined.

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