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"It takes a lot of strength."

It's about proper method, not pretty muscle.


"It's for men only."

Women learn quickly because they rely on techniqe, not muscle.


"It's just too hard to learn."

Five easy steps: rig, uphaul, turn, sail, and steer.


"You need a lot of wind."

Modern ultra-light gear has brought high performance and FUN to the sport in winds BELOW 10 knots.


"It's dangerous."

It has perhaps the best safety record of all watersports.


"It's for young X-type people only."

Any age can learn. Most of the addicted are in their 40's.


"It just cost too much."

Excellent used gear is everywhere for as little as $200 or you can get state-of-the-art for up to $2000. Wind is free.


"The equipment is too complicated."

Not anymore. Gear is now simpler and easy-to-rig than ever.


"But I have to live at the beach to do this sport."

YOUR lake -- Clark Hill, Lanier, Murray, or Monticello -- have active groups of enthusiastic sailers EVERY time the wind stirs.


"It's a fad."

Get real! It's an Olympic sport, been around for nearly 30 years, and enjoyed world-wide. Like surfing, for many, it's a lifetime, passionate, "soul" sport.

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