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is a professional windsurfing shop offering instruction, equipment sales, and surfing philosophy here in the deep Southeast.

"But, why in Augusta, Georgia of all the surf-forsaken places in the world?"

Because, THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WINDSURF! Consider this:

Augusta is located on the GA-SC border, just minutes from the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi
Classic lake sailing photo
Renee Jenkins "hanging out"
at the lake

ationwide, nearly 70% of windsurfers pursue this sport in rivers, lakes, and protected bays... rarely, if ever, going into the open ocean.

ur local climate enables you can enjoy this sport year round.

e have great windsurfing-friendly lakesright here positioned perfectly for windsurfing in our strongest prevailing winds. It's also an easy day trip to costal venues for sweet summer thermals or a taste of the waves.


Hey, this area may not be the Outer Banks, Corpus Christie, or the Gorge; but, then again, those places don't have WHITECAP WINDSURFING.

You see, I, Chuck Hardin, owner of this one-man windsurfing center, am the Sultan of Stoke, your Personal Pasha of Windsurfing Paraphernalia, the Wise Man of the Wind. Windsurfing is my mission. Let me explain...

I took my first lesson in the summer of '95, at age 39. I figured it was the closest I would ever come to realizing my childhood dream of surfing.

Immediately, this wind-driven version of surfing captivated me, awakened my true self, and completely screwed up my world...all for the better. I knew I would learn to windsurf "real good", and I did.

Years passed; but, then came this cosmic convergence of (1) my raging mid-life crisis, (2) my state of unemployment, (3) the success of my wife's business, and (4) this local windsurfing business coming up for sale.

In November 1999, I'm in business -- a surfing-related business right here in Augusta... AND I get to keep my home, wife and three kids.

Picture of me with my youngest daughter on a Windglider
The angels are smiling another
soul finds his niche in life.

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Whitecap is a certified school through the US Sailing Windsurfing Instruction Program, offering beginner lessons only in individual and small clinic settings mainly at Clark Hill near Augusta, but also in occassional group clinics at Lake Lanier (Atlanta), Lake Murray (Columbia, SC), and the nearby Georgia and South Carolina coast (Charleston, Fripp Island, St. Simons Island). For more info, a description of lessons offered through Whitecap.
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Whitecap offers new and used equipment from the world's best known and respected manufacturers such as F2, North, HiFly, Fiberspar, Neil Pryde, Aerotech, Epic Gear, Da Kine, Rainbow, and much more.
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Chuck Hardin
(706) 833-9463

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